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happy 5th birthday stonersunited members, stay high :)

172 days ago

If weed is a plant and plants are life...then wouldn't smoking weed be getting high on life?

192 days ago

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IZ -somewhere over the rainbow

someday, ill wish upon a star wake up where the clouds are far behind me where trouble melts like lemon drops, high above the chiminey top thats where youll find me ..

203 days ago

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Wheres Wikileaks?

...wikileaks.joworld.net www.wlmirror.com wikileaks.chiquitico.org wikileaks.rout0r.org www.gruiiik.org wikileaks.adhelis.com wikileaks.high-color.de wikileaks.holarse-l...

1447 days ago

Stoners United League : CrossFire

Calling all stoners, Su wants you to get high and play CrossFire. That's right you! Sexy you! Why are we doing this? Because we want a bigger pool of people to play with. Crossfire...

1525 days ago



A ham sandwich walks into a bar and says "Do you serve food here?"

Tags: shitty joke, high, lol, trolol

538 days ago

Munchie Minute Ep43 Banana Bombs

Thanks Paul for this banana bombs recipe! www.munchieminute.com The Munchie Minute is not your typical cooking show. Whether you are a stoner or just enjoy funny videos, you are sure to laugh out loud watching Kristi's antics. Let us know what you think or how we can improve the show or make it ...

...s, snacks, stoned, stoner, 420, weed, pot, reefer, smoke, baked, baking, high, dispensary, sweet leaf, funn...medicinal, hash, kush, green hair, recipes, kitchen, fried, smoking, get high, smoke pot, smoke weed, bong,...

1026 days ago


Comment on "The Stoner How-To of Hash"

actually iso hash is best made with HIGH QUALITY buds and it it best to NOT grind it (using full nugs means...yield)  the darker color u get when you use ground bud doesnt mean higher potency  it means high...

1687 days ago

Comment on "lol"

aw didnt see this before now, i was high as fuck. Mirrrrr, i probably missed u much :D

1679 days ago