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2406 days ago

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Hash up........Hash down........Hash all around......yeeeeeeeeeee........

714 days ago

Amnesia Haze and Afghan Hash are a good combination for a joint.

1516 days ago

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12 grams of hash...

...o without the handcuffs. they left bruises. they made fun of me at the police station because they apparently had never caught someone with so much hash. they said $400 worth of conc...

2409 days ago

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Cannabis Laws Around the world

...de police with the authority to close down the hundreds of 'hash clubs' in Christiana....that the government plans to eliminate the country's entire hash production within seven years...

2620 days ago


DabaDabaGoo on Vacation

We decided to share a little bit of our recent vacation with you all. Hope you enjoy!! One Love and Stay Medicated!!! Check us out at www.facebook.com/BlueLionMarketingInc **I DO NOT OWN ANY RIGHTS TO THIS MUSIC*** Music: Artist: Wolfgang Gartner Title: Menage A Trois Artist: E-40 Song: Tell...

Tags: dabs, wax, mobius, goodnight lion, blue dream, concentrates, marijuana, pot, weed, herb, ganja, bongs, hash, 710, errl, budder, rig, piece

1932 days ago

Munchie Minute Ep43 Banana Bombs

Thanks Paul for this banana bombs recipe! www.munchieminute.com The Munchie Minute is not your typical cooking show. Whether you are a stoner or just enjoy funny videos, you are sure to laugh out loud watching Kristi's antics. Let us know what you think or how we can improve the show or make it ...

...ng, high, dispensary, sweet leaf, funny, comedy, cooking, show, 4/20, 4:20, drugs, drug, ganja, marijuana, mary jane, legalize, medical, medicinal, hash, kush, green hair, recipes, k...

2061 days ago


Comment on "Lazy Afghanistan Army"

..., He is clearly wrong anyway, they defended them selfs from one of the worlds biggest super powers all throu out the 80's, smoking s little bit of hash to claim down after a tuff da...

2813 days ago