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@redman2506 Funny on Youtube...look up ICECREAM by Eddie Murphy.

989 days ago

Stoned af and bored af whats some funny shit to look up on youtube???

991 days ago

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Finding someone who may just be ...

...and cuddling after smoking. We'll see where it goes, but I am just super happy I found a 420 friendly super rad dude! Now to let you all in on a funny story! We went out for ice cr...

1161 days ago

Hmmm ...

...ite new to this whole world of blogging. But I figured i could start and live a bit more social life instead of getting stoned and then looking at funny pictures on facebook all day....

1167 days ago


Stoner Eye Candy

Funny and interesting shit to look at when ur hiiiiiiiiigh

870 days ago


Bahaha good shit

Pretty intresting video to watch while high... just to pass time. xD

Tags: collegehumor, ch originals, roast, of weed, week, smoking, drugs, lsd, cocaine, funny, comedy, central, police, drug bust

1539 days ago

Munchie Minute Ep43 Banana Bombs

Thanks Paul for this banana bombs recipe! www.munchieminute.com The Munchie Minute is not your typical cooking show. Whether you are a stoner or just enjoy funny videos, you are sure to laugh out loud watching Kristi's antics. Let us know what you think or how we can improve the show or make it ...

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1574 days ago


Comment on "On a scale from"

upload fail, listened to it on the twitter link and it's still hella funny

2436 days ago