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doin drugs?

1420 days ago

Smokin hash, takin drugs, thats how my life works

1673 days ago

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The 'Others'...

...r. Like I say, Marijuana is like a puppy... It loves you, and you love it, and you're never, ever gonna do eachother any harm. But, the others... Drugs like cocaine, speed, heroin,...

2607 days ago

Arguments for the Legalisation of Cannabis, we can do better than this!!!!

...want cannabis have to go to dealers. This brings them into contact with suppliers of hader drugs. Legalisation would break this link." 11. "Our current drugs laws are simply not working....

2712 days ago

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Cannabis Laws Around the world

...er 2002. MALAYSIA Aiming to crack down on the use of 'soft drugs' to prevent their spread...t of the country's hard currency is earned through illegal drugs' trading. A surprise announ...

2617 days ago



Watch live video from kiknass on www.justin.tv

Tags: sex, drugs, rock and roll

1433 days ago

Marci May

I'm a 20 year old girl, pansexual, pisces, left handed. I was born on Pi day (March 14) and I have a tattoo of Pi behind my ear because of it, but I fucking hate math. I love cats, coffee, zombies, and weed, and couldn't live without all of those things. :] I'm all about drugs, sex, and loud mu...

Tags: cats, coffee, weed, zombies, sex, drugs, music, art

1915 days ago


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I personally don't want to see any hard drugs on StonersUnited or be associated with them. I vote no for hard drugs. Please keep safe.

588 days ago