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@bobsel that documentary was awesome! so remember stoners if u bang ur head smoke up afterwards to reduce the level of brain damage!

248 days ago

I am promoting a cannabis documentary 'green britain the battle'. The story of a UK coffeeshop. Please share if you find it of interest.

344 days ago



cnn documentary about the failed take over of afghanistan by the soviet union.the war started with the assasination of the leader of the soviet installed puppet government to the eventual defeat of the soviets by american backed mudjahadeen fighters

Tags: documentary, war, soviet, afghanistan, mudjahadeen, cold

1558 days ago

Mind The Gap 7/7 London Bombing Documentary part 1

7/7 Documentary part 1

Tags: mind, the, gap, 7/7, london, bombing, documentary, david, shayler

1559 days ago