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Dear Government of Sweden

...eedings. No wonder that, according to the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention, it is now statist...roublemakers, guilty or innocent -- while turning a blind eye to clear crimes of rape the rest of the time...

2471 days ago

Arguments for the Legalisation of Cannabis, we can do better than this!!!!

...law it." 3. "Taking cannabis is a victimless crime. Using the law...black market and the associated crime and so enable the Government...lice to deal with more serious crimes and it would free up the cou...

2714 days ago


Cocaine Cowboys

  The sordid history of drug trafficking in Miami is sodden with seemingly endless quantities of dope, money, and corpses. Documentary filmmaker Billy Corben divides his absorbing account of crime and consequences into three distinct sections: outlining the basics of cocaine importation ...

...ary, part, 1, scenes, scene, film, movie, full, hq, mickey's, burn, boat, jon, roberts, rivi, mickey, munday, rakontur, miami, florida, godmother, crime, billy, corben, david, cypkin...

2819 days ago

Josef Fritzl:TheDocumentaryPart5

Josef Fritzl the documentary part 5

Tags: josef, fritzl, elizabeth, documentary, crime, rape, incest, austria, dungeon, serial

2865 days ago


Comment on "Wire posts"

he did the crime now he gotta do the time. dont drop links if that is one of the rules

1703 days ago

Comment on "Whats changing where you live?"

...ent criminal code on Cannabis (or it seems), I doubt Harper's "Tough on Crime" agenda will acheive anything at all. Considering this is not a CRIME issue, it's a PUBLIC HEALTH i...

2029 days ago