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Wooooooooooo Cooking With Lola, Live in the Main Room

2780 days ago

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Outdoor/Guerilla Grow Guide - Everything u need to grow Marijuna!

...a couple of plants remember a small pocket knife because it makes the night move quicker. Unless you are planning to use the large fan leaves for cooking, remove them in the field so...

2362 days ago


Ganja Chefs

Welcome to Ganja Chefs The Stoners United Cannabis Cooking group, view and submit cannabis cooking tips and recipes videos and pictures. Got a question? Submit it below, Warning:- please remeber eati...

1265 days ago



Just a simple guy from south texas. Yes I am gay, but I have respect for people and morals of my own, in other words, I may be gay, but I don't act like a fag. I'm pretty down to earth, like playing zombies, blazing, cooking, and watching movies. Hit me up to know anything else.

Tags: cooking, gaming, singing, chilling, partying, coloring, movies

1452 days ago


Tags: music, art, cooking, horror movies.

1553 days ago


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Recipes for cooking with cannabis

2725 days ago

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Tips for Cooking with Cannabis

2725 days ago