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What can I say? I'm a stoner. I've made my own pipes in art class, I've been in trouble with the police, I'm broke half the time (so I have to conserve what little pot I have when I AM broke). I'm a pacifist, I AM a bit on the large side... but who cares? I'm considered a problem-solver to most o...

Tags: weed (of course), comedy, gaming, reggae, metal, rock, cartoons (you never get too old for cartoons!) and (though it sounds strange...) doctor who.

1880 days ago


Im Wade, 23 years old and Work in the Oilfields. I love being outdoors with my Dog or just chillin at the house. Im looking to relocate and find some new friends along the way.  

Tags: disk golf, guns, camping, fishing, biking, contact sports, movies, comedy, hard music, concerts, good food, good budz, good company

1901 days ago


Comment on "Herd some one say something really funny or just dam right stupid? Post it here"

...[17:33] laceymarie: oh jesus [17:33] laceymarie: take it to the ET room then [17:33] laceymarie: Tonights spotlight act [17:33] laceymarie: a comedy [17:34] laceymarie: Amongvac...

2726 days ago