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Is tiny chat fucked?

101 days ago

wtf is wrong with chat for days now i havent been able to get on to cam chat

116 days ago

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Rips Roulette

Rips Roulette is new to Stoners United, am sure most of you know what is all about, chat roulette rips off for stoners lol, but instead of meeting random ppl to look at penises the g...

1675 days ago

420 Alarm Clock

  !New 420 Rips Alarm Clock added to Stoners United main chat! {located @ the bottom of main chat} Simply input the time you want the alarm to go off and never miss a rip again (seen as we know its not just 420 you want to rip @ ).

1713 days ago

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...forum then moving to essentially a one page web chat. A lot's changed in that time...rst thing we'd like to do is devise a new video chat system custom tailored to our...tail but: Higher Res Cams Improved Voip mic chat Post to The Wire via video c...

1482 days ago

Issues with members

...the people who work to make it happen.   Why you should use the chat on site rather then the url :...the site as it is. When you use the url rather then the site to use the chat, you're bypassing our site wh...

1913 days ago



About Stoners United Stonersunited.com is a live streaming social network founded early 2009 that caters to a unique niche audience, Stoners United is a 18+ website strictly for adults only, What is Stoners United? Stonersunited.com is a live streaming social network forums and  HD audio...

Tags: chat, web cam, stoners united

1429 days ago

420 Hits From The Bong @ Stoners United Web Cam Chat

420 Hits From The Bong @ Stoners United Web Cam Chat http://stonersunited.com/

Tags: 420, hits, from, the, bong, stoners, united, web, cam, chat

1746 days ago


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Stoners assemble on video chat

1389 days ago

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choose the video chat option

1640 days ago