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ATTENTION ALL STONERS!!! Today shall be a most excellent day of bong rips, dabs and the enjoyment of the cannabis plant by all, Stay High..!

308 days ago

“The biggest killer on the planet is stress and I still think the best medicine is and always has been cannabis.” -Willie Nelson

520 days ago

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Hei! Se hit!! Look here!

Dagbladets avstemning! Ser r 12000 har allerede stemt!  (vote in the newspaper for legalization of marijuana in norway!!!) Vil du legalisere cannabis? Ja Nei Se resultatet

1762 days ago

Outdoor/Guerilla Grow Guide - Everything u need to grow Marijuna!

...p;Emergency Visits Quality cannabis seeds are often difficult to...some energy in growing a nice cannabis garden is to buy a pack of qu...method entails planting many cannabis seeds in a small area. Its st...or such a structure. Starting cannabis seeds in this shelter gives t...

1791 days ago

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Cannabis Laws Around the world

...personal use of cannabis include infringement notices...ossession of small amounts of cannabis may be decriminalised. BERMU...nting, and presumably using, cannabis is illegal. FINLAND No unifo...ailed for life for growing a cannabis plant in his hous...

1957 days ago


Weed Finder

Weed Finder locates your closest Medical Marijuana Dispensaries or Cannabis Coffee Shops - Here you can review them and the cannabis strains they supply. weedfinder.stonersunited.com Andriod & iPhone app (coming soon): app.stonersunited.com

694 days ago

Ganja Chefs

Welcome to Ganja Chefs The Stoners United Cannabis Cooking group, view and submit cannabis cooking tips and recipes videos and pictures....question? Submit it below, Warning:- please remeber eating cannabis can be intense and give your...

694 days ago



Tags: drums, cannabis, mushrooms, psychedelics, life, consciousness

836 days ago


i name everything i smoke weed out of but also ask yourself this question how mush weed could you have smoked while reading this.

Tags: music, video games, cannabis, popping

988 days ago


Comment on "Arguments for the Legalisation of Cannabis, we can do better than this!!!!"

I think 2 should be left out, because any hullucinogenic has risks.  Obviously cannabis is less risky than people have been making out.

2052 days ago