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Got an AWESOME precooler for my bong. looks like it was made for it haha.

118 days ago

Toking on my awesome Christmas bong.

119 days ago

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scuba bong idea

scuba diving bong 3 hozes   1 or 2 tanks air(empty)   a harness   screw-on-pipes 0,5 gram to 2,5 (for weed)   jet fighter mask under piece &nb...

1235 days ago

The Bong Man Of Camden

As i may have already mentioned to some of you i spent last week showing a certain yankydoodle around london, when we were in camden we can across something i felt an overwhelming urge to share with my stoners buddys at SU, THE BONG MAN!  

1256 days ago


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Weed Finder locates your closest Medical Marijuana Dispensaries or Cannabis Coffee Shops - Here you can review them and the cannabis strains they supply. weedfinder.stonersunited.com Andriod & iPhone app (coming soon): app.stonersunited.com

109 days ago


Let's Play Stoned - Resident Evil 5 Part 1 - FUCK ITS ASTAROTH

My first upload to YouTube if you enjoyed check out some of my other videos

Tags: weed, games, zombie, bong, stoner, fun, fail

278 days ago


Tags: blunt, bong, blunt, bong all dayyyy

523 days ago


Comment on "su pole dancing lol"

you shure that not a big bong

1480 days ago

Comment on "su pole dancing lol"

if it was a big bong then its even more wicked

1480 days ago