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Happy 420 mfoZ!!!!!!! 2017 420 letZ get it.........yeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

153 days ago

Happy 420 SU

518 days ago

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Finding someone who may just be ...

...ue I was having is I am extreemly picky and can't date someone who isn't 420 friendly. So, I would go on d...er smoking. We'll see where it goes, but I am just super happy I found a 420 friendly super rad dude! Now...

1645 days ago

Stoners United In High Times Magazine

Stoners United is in the January 420th edition of High Times Magazine, Stoners United In the High Times Top 40 below: ''all credits go to dodger for making this happen nice one m8'' 

2467 days ago

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World Clock

Whens the next 420?

2458 days ago



I'm an awesome person who lives in the mile high city. I love to smoke and chill. HMU if your from the area and wanna chill and smoke.

Tags: 420, music and video editing, school, smoking, friends, my boyfriend

1561 days ago


i'm what some would label a 'gamer girl'. i am 20 years old who smokes regularly and enjoys a variety of films, music and art. hit me up and spark me a j lovelies. 

Tags: 420, music, art, films and lazy days.

1663 days ago


Comment on "Ideas for 420 day Stoners United events"

ok so far we got: Mass room rips @ 420 420 wet tshit comp and......................

2781 days ago