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Comment on "Would people be interested in a subscribers option at Su?"

...were bullshit/scamming with it. Don't know if we'll ever do it or not but maybe package deals where if you donate you get some random stuff, hat or shirt along with random content whether it's a develo...

2972 days ago

Comment on "Wire posts"

A quick google search yields videos and pages related to 'king diesel,' doesn't mean what you have is actually is king diesel. There's a chance it is, or just a random name drop by a dealer.

2547 days ago

Comment on "Wire posts"

haha random reading that now we are in Reading now moored up on the field they played at

2400 days ago

Comment on "Wire posts"

can i just clarify this is because it opens up settings that would allow the user to turn the site off or delete random users accounts etc

2104 days ago

Comment on "Growing Tips"

Got a random fact, or tip about growing? Let your fellow stoners know about it!

3471 days ago

Comment on "Fav bands"

Oh man where do u start, ok just gunna do the main stuff i listern to alot, order is random PINK FLOYD The beatles Eric clapton Radio Head Queens Of The Stone Age Nirvana jimmi hendrix

3409 days ago

Comment on "Psychic Chakra 3 - Dreaming Of The Phoenix"

...- Seeds [07:46]02. Kinesis - We Are Dreaming [07:14]03. Phoenix Family (Random Vs. Mindstorm) - Dream Stars...active - Alter Ego [08:07]05. Polypheme - No One Need A Drug [06:22]06. Random Light - Thought Elevator [06:...

3328 days ago