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Happy 5th B-day SU. I've made some rad friends over the years, love YFS! fyfyfy.

2794 days ago

@Mods FYI:If anyone asks for the chatroom password DO NOT give it out! They must log into SU & click the chatroom link to then get pw.Thanks

2852 days ago

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How to Identify a dickhead! We need to fight against dickheads! They login just to talk shit and fuck with you!

[3:15] guest-18445 changed nickname to skunkpee80[3:15] deadhead1: namste chris[3:15] chrismonty: hah[3:15] chrismonty: namste[3:15] deadhead1: always bro[3:15] deadh...

4124 days ago

M3rk Goodies #2

Figured I'd toss this one up. Got bored this morning since I've been up since 5. Took a bunch of goofy pictures and played with them in ps a bit. Enjoy.

4350 days ago

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The Stoners United Resin Ball Challenge

The Stoners United Resin Ball Challenge The challenge is to make the largest resin ball, then after that we stick all the resin balls together and mak...

4468 days ago


Tags: fucks, fy, yfs, love you fucks

2944 days ago


Comment on "dayman"

For serious, this guy is terrifying.

4138 days ago

Comment on "Anesthesia"

...hani x skunk / herijuana) 90% Indica Looks: Lots of thc on this one. the bud is rock hard like kush. i cant wait to roll a joint!!! Smell: Very leafy indica smell and lil bit of p...

3999 days ago