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Happy 5th B-day SU. I've made some rad friends over the years, love YFS! fyfyfy.

2908 days ago

@Mods FYI:If anyone asks for the chatroom password DO NOT give it out! They must log into SU & click the chatroom link to then get pw.Thanks

2966 days ago

Leafy and ODB here wishing you all a *fan-fucking-tastic* 4-20!!

3317 days ago

sitting in a comfy watching stayin alive, drinking a monster, eating bbq chips, and watching my boyfriend make a bong. high as balls.

3395 days ago

Lookin like a thug today haha... mens wife beaters are rather comfy..

3498 days ago

It's goofy time.

3506 days ago

sitting here watchin ghost adventure re-runs on syfy

3517 days ago

@Leafy_Cat I would get a tattoo with you yo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3540 days ago

home from school, time to get comfy relax and get lifted :D messages are welcome

3573 days ago

@Leafy_Cat That sucksss my stream roller broke a week ago and it was a 2 1/2 footer I know what ya mean haha

3600 days ago