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People who have made Nicloco a friend


I'm baaaaaaaaack. Not quite back on my feet, but out of hospital. Now, if someone could tell me how to get video chat working I'd be stoked! (2925 days ago)

Mrs. Cheese

Me:"i'll miss you".him:"i already do".The day that we’re together Well it can’t come too soon and baby I will be the sun.you’ll be the moon (3221 days ago)



immm back its been to long guys and girls xD (2554 days ago)

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Miss Cupcake

This user account has been suspended.


Layin in bed with my baby...LAZY DAY!!!!! (3181 days ago)

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OMG @djslip you are the best! We are in BHO heaven!! (2181 days ago)



whats with the drowt? na1 kno? fuzz bustin more farms or wot? (3361 days ago)