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People who have made Munchy a friend

How do u help somebody that doesnt want to be helped? (3308 days ago)


https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5uYUI_wf_ZIckxRSDItcGV5eTA/view?usp=sharing if you like try my raw build to my stoners united chat (1314 days ago)



I'm on SU with my new iPhone (3230 days ago)


hey guys im new to this but im in the main chat bt there is know one here ever when i come in is there somthing in dont know????? (3396 days ago)


@zonger my msn is [email protected] n steam is juggalo719z (2901 days ago)

Mrs. Cheese

Me:"i'll miss you".him:"i already do".The day that we’re together Well it can’t come too soon and baby I will be the sun.you’ll be the moon (3194 days ago)


Dj SLiP1

Happy 420 mfoZ!!!!!!! 2017 420 letZ get it.........yeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (912 days ago)

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We moved our chat back to https://tinychat.com/elwood (942 days ago)


Tonya Baker

Chillin, wishing i was stonedd. (3365 days ago)

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