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Ode To Polak

March 28, 2014 by Nicloco   Comments (6)

There once was a stoner called polak his name 'said' he did no crack,

He went to a church got brain washed till it hurt,

'pEaCe' 'lOvE' 'gOd BlEsS' 'tHe LoRd aBOvE'

Days to weeks of religionous suggestion,

Brings us to our final question,

When will polak tire,

Posting this bull shit on the wire?

ps gOD bLesS MiLey CyRuSES aSs!

Nicloco 2253 days ago


os 2252 days ago

all we are is dust in the wind

valent1ne 2252 days ago

Polak should join SU for a toke!


Anoir 2252 days ago

oh scotty! might have to add that as the missing middle line? thats why i left a space in the middle btw guys, anyone wanna add a line or 2 in the gap?

Nicloco 2252 days ago