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Just thinking.

May 10, 2013 by [email protected]   Comments (1)

Sitting here in my room i began to think about my life and ive come to realize that i have ZERO friends left since i got kicked out of high school. Except for one friend who has been there for 4 years but now i only see him maybe once a month. Lifes hard. If i had any choice i would have stayed in school and graduated instead of doing it the boring ass way on the computer and not having friends. I got a phone so i could try to stay in touch with my friends but on a good day my brother may text me and i might get a call from my mom. I feel like all my friends have forgotton about me. The guy who was always there for you, always down to chill and do what ever, the guy who always made you laugh and forget why you were upset in the first place. Now that im the one who needs somebody  turn to look for someone to talk to..but to no avail. Still alone, still sad, still here....


cheer up :) umm... hugs>.< lol hope you have made friends since you posted this, i know how you feel been there, well to be honest, still there haha.. but at least it can't get any worse right? *touch wood* lol :3 x

Lissy94 2350 days ago