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You're Awesome

April 2, 2013 by GreenLady22   Comments (0)

It's true. You're awesome. Please, call me Dr. Awesome! If you are wondering, yes, I do.. in fact, indeed, have my PhD in Awesome.

I thank you for reading my first Blog Post on StonersUnited.com

much appreciated!

My first rule, E.L.E. (Adopted from semi-pro)

Everybody Love Everybody.

Appreciate everyone for what they teach you, whether it is how to be, or how not to be.

I, Dr. Awesome want to thank you for being you, toking some green, and appreciating life from your own two shoes.

just remember everyone else has their own pair of shoes too(:


Here is to us, the world, the general population not caught up in politics.

here is to the new world revolution.

you better believe it, the whole world depends upon the individuals action.

What is your action? reaction? perhaps even, enlightenment, or enthusiastic endeavor.


make the world a better place than those who have left it.


Love, Doctor Awesome.