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scraping the bowls

March 31, 2013 by young_blazer502   Comments (5)

me and my brother were sitting here when my uncle and his girlfriend went to work ok and we was like i wanna get high. he says shit me too so he says lets get the resin out of the bowls and so we did heave you ever had to get the bowls and the bongs just to get high thats when you know we some broke ass stoners. comment on this and tell me about when you had to do something like that BROKESTONERSUNITED talk to ya later late night stoners


When i was about 12 -13 me and buddy went to the local collage and picked up all the collage kids spliff butts and cut them open and took the tiny bits of weed out and made our own splff, didnt taste great! but we were high! mission complete!

Nicloco 2613 days ago

I bet that would taste like shit. but you gotta do what you gotta do lol


Allen Jolley 2613 days ago

in my opinion i rather smoke resin then roaches for two reasons 1 is because it does taste like shit. 2 resin also gets you higher and this is coming from all the stoners out there ilove to get higher. Higher i am more i sleep... Right Right.

young_blazer502 2613 days ago

AGREED however these days i dont smoke either, resin goes in the bin lol cause lets face it it also tastes nasty and gives me headaches!

Nicloco 2613 days ago

they both do taste nasty but when you a broke ass stoner then you really dont have no choice.

young_blazer502 2610 days ago