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The Stoners United Poem! lets write it?

September 3, 2010 by Nicloco   Comments (18)

We are the stoner uniter's
Its just what we like to do
So get ur ass to Stoners United and help me see this poem through,

Lets write a poem about Stoners United by Stoners United,

Submit your versus as comments below,


Prizes go out to the top 3 versus submited,

  1. Top prize is an all expenses paid romantic dinner for two with our very own ''skweegie''.
  2. Second prize is ''one hours virtual yoga with m3rk'' 
  3. Third prize is ''A virtual visit to bob's magical world of lasers & mystry''

All entries/versus will be judged on saturday the 18th of september admin will choose the top 5 and then it will go to the polls for all members to vote on.

After that all entrys/versus will be added together to create the Stoners United Poem

We're smoking it up, SU's getting hazy
But it don't matter, cause the livin' is easy
There's Nic in the dark and Jess in the sun
Teazz wants boobs but he ain't getting none

Bent 3211 days ago

waaahahah wicked start

Nicloco 3211 days ago

Slip's gone pimpin', Shawn's gone wobble
Jerry is creepin' and I'm seeing double
Then Bob comes in, all symbols and babble
But in the end, we make a nice rabble

Bent 3211 days ago

haha wicked keep em coming ppl great stufff so far, we can make the best poem about stoners united by stoners united

Nicloco 3211 days ago

This ones to the Donators to say how much your efforts mean to me

Maybe one day SU will be here for our Stoner childrens children to see

Years from now its fact that we will all be dead, but thanks to you guys SU can live on in more places than just my head

We all know we need to make profit to cover SU's server costs

But the most important thing is we keep Uniting Stoners or all else is lost.

Nicloco 3211 days ago


people of the earth/

gather 'round and toke in sync/

stoners united/

rainz0r 3211 days ago

Wake up on Sunday

Worship God in my own way

Jerk off in the sink

BobRoss 3211 days ago

maybe frenchy's poems right half of su's crazy

sometimes i wonder if its the skunk or bobs babble that makes my head so hazy

the guy says things that make my mind go wild

showing us symbols like an excited child

id be the first to say bob's the man

but jesus some one needs to break it to him, he's not peter pan

one things for sure we are all stoned and lazy

but oi frenchy thats no excuse to make us out crazy

Nicloco 3211 days ago

I venture through the google mess

Tryin to scope out a recipe

With internet yarn tangling my toes

I began to fluster fervishly!

Oh no,

my fingers thought

in jolty italics-

what could this

proposterous circumstance


So I lit up my only physical friend

the potent


and radiant woman

I hold close to my 


The smoke of Mary Janes love

twisted and flew

like a soul through a tunnel

billowed into my 


set me free

from my own animosities.

I forgot the food,

and settled 


united to stoners all over the world.


Trizzly 3211 days ago

ode to rips

every day with out fail theres one thing i love to do

sign into stoners united and toke rips with all of u

flicking my lighter tiersly you bastards always make me wait

why when i type ''rips'' are you all always so late

so anyway peace catch you later stoners its time to get back to those lighter flicks

right now am writing this so called poem when i could be doing rips

Nicloco 3211 days ago


pussymoneyweed 3209 days ago

Daybreak, Toke a stupid stick with Drummer, Nor Ganja, Jonny and nic,

Noon, Smoke before work with Blueberry, Mi, Flu and Merk,

Evening, Get a light From Slip, Corra, Monty,Noodz, Panda and White,

After midnight, Smoke a bowl with Skwee, String, Katie, Rain and some A-hole!!!!

A day on SU by SkunKy!!

Skunkpee80 3207 days ago

As the sun light enters the blinds of my room and creeps into my eyes,

it signals something to my brain, and electric nerves reply.

My eyelids open softly, and my thoughts begin to collect...

I have no weed, my bowl is empty, so its time to call a connect.

Through the rollodex of contacts i have given funny names..

i call the person who i think will have the purest strains...

Confirm the purchase wait the time, and soon my sweetness will be mine.

at first sight ur transluscent and i cannot see you clear...

i remove the plastic, lift you up and bring you closely near

The smell of your hair the natural scent, darling, i wont be hesitant.

and i know from your looks you were heaven sent.

my persona awakens, please dont be mistakin

when you see me moving, and my body jirating.

I'm making my escape to a not so far away place...

a community not troubled by violence or race.

So to here I flock entering with welcomes

people who smoke not just for fun,

but they know it will help them.

Some may have their querks, some may just be jerks

u better watch out for flairy n merk...

There's plenty of chix who'll be very kind

but say something slick, and they'll show u their mind

explode in ur face if you're talking shit

But can't we all sit back and just rip....

smoke on a clip, rip on a pipe

Mary will enter me every night

The bong is the best, taking hits to the chest

while the vaporizer will put ur tolerance to the test..

So go to this place if your feeling high strung...

just type in W W W. Stoners United . COM

whitesmoke 3207 days ago

skunky white very niice indeed

Nicloco 3207 days ago

Stoners United

Well there's a place I know

Where anyone can go.

With a silly nickname;

Never feel any shame.

Here no one can disturb

The peaceful life of Herb.

Anytime, anywhere,

Just sign in and you're there.

Live, laugh, love what you do.

Hey, welcome to SU.

KillerPanda 3207 days ago

Today is a great day.

I am stoned.

jah jah woe

chrismontyc 3206 days ago

trough the black mist i see

all the green stuff there need to be

for all is well

and i love the smell

but now the blazing is gone

and everything that was wrong

is now all but a joke

so maybe i should get another toke


the-door 3204 days ago

The Stoners United Poem Competion!
Click here to vote 4 your winner

The Poem About Stoners United by Stoners United


Nicloco 3181 days ago