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420 Day @ Stoners United

April 16, 2010 by Nicloco   Comments (1)

420 Day is approaching, so whats going on @ Stoners United?

Well of course first and for most theres going to be allot of stoners getting very high:

  • Many many Rips to take part to in,
  • Mass Room Tokes @ 420
  • In the evening we will be filming at certain times for a ''Stoners United 420 day Tribute'' video,

Don't worry everyone that wants to will get the chance to be in the video all you have to do is be there, equally if you don't want to be on video there will be plenty of warning time for you to cam down.

There was also a mention for my esteemed colleague Noodleb0y about a wet t shirt competition.......

Other possible events include:

  •  ''Uncle merkels Fuck The World Relay''
  •  ''The 5 Dollar Challenge''

So as am sure you now realise not been here on 420 day would be something you would regret for the rest of your life  so its of the up most importance to stone it in stoners united this 420 day,

Anything to add? post below, open to all ideas,

high all..

what's going on tomorrow 420 in nyc??

my friends wanna go somewhere in NY for the first time!


Jeff 3414 days ago