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The Stoner How-To of Hash

March 11, 2010 by m3rk_   Comments (3)

Many people have been offered hash or atleast heard of it. Not everyone knows much about hash or how it's made. I'm going to run through some of the basics so readers can wrap their mind around it.
To put hash in perspective, Hash is to weed as salvia extract is to salvia. While salvia is rated in concentrations (20x 10x 5x), hash is based on it's purity. For instance, full melt hash is probably a lot refined then iso hash. What makes these hashes different? Mostly by the process in which they're extracted.
Simplest method : Kief
Anyone who's had a fancy grinder has noticed the screen housed inside. The dustings travel through the screen to the bottom and collects. This powder can be used to top off bowls or if properly used can be smoked on its own.
Some tips and tricks for people using kief grinders is to use a paintbrush or something similiar to dust off the screen. Kief screens tend to collect weed-dust and prevent more from falling through, so by clearing it everyonce in a while you can help prevent unobstructed collections of kief.
After you have the amount you want, you can either take a step further by utilizing a pollen press or by just smashing it and leaving it in the freezer. The end result is a nice pog that has the potential to rip your lungs up.
Iso Hash
In this method, you grind up your weed (prefferably shit) and get it to a fine powder. Take a mason jar and fill it with rubbing alcohol. Cap the jar and shake it, let it settle in a dark place (thc degrades in light). Shake it every so often, then once you're ready pour off the mixture over a cheese cloth and let the alcohol evaporate out on a glass pan. After about 24 hours you should end up with a hard goop that you can scrape off with a razor blade. At this point you're ready to enjoy your product.
Butane Hash : Coming Soon
Bubble Hash : Coming Soon

wish i had some hash

Nicloco 4762 days ago

actually iso hash is best made with HIGH QUALITY buds and it it best to NOT grind it (using full nugs means a more potent product..but less yield)  the darker color u get when you use ground bud doesnt mean higher potency  it means higher chlorophyl content.     but Butane hash...thats the way to go!  full nugs mean better oil :D

kushed87 4730 days ago

intresting... wish i had some or anuff spare skunk to mess with it

Nicloco 4730 days ago