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Broken Bongs to Mini Bongs

March 3, 2010 by Nicloco   Comments (0)

As those of you who regularly frequent the Stoners United video chat rooms will know i accidentally smashed my bong about a month or 2 ago,

So there I was happily spinning around on my desk chair without a care in the world until ''crunch''.

The chair comes to a swift grinding halt, my mind racing through all the many possibility's, WTF was that ? phone? laptop? bong? NO not the fucking BONG.

Iv some how managed to run the wheel of the chair over the base of the bong smashing the chamber and the base to smithereens,


Many if not most the bongs and pipes etc iv owned over the years have met a similar fate so this was no big shock,

but it did kinda put me off buying a new bong right away incase i did it again,

i bought the recently deseased bong in a headshop in amsterdam in july where i could see and touch it, knew it was the one i wanted right away.

There are no good local headshops near me that sell glass, so i started looking online for something to smoke with tempory till i found a bong i like and came across this Mini Bong.


It was only £8/$12 it is very small (18cm) but it feels very thick and sturdy.

But the thing that surprised me the most was how it smokes, for that price i really wasn't expecting much,

but it smokes really really well, it can really pack a punch for something that small!!

This is it after 1 month (needs a good clean).


You can get the same Mini Bong from the Stoners United Headshop for only £8/$12 @ headshop.stonersunited.com

Check out the video below to see it in action!