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young_blazer502's blog


April 2, 2013 by young_blazer502   Comments (0)

Demon, blunt, half ounce. Ismoked a blunt today and  it is the forst blunt iv smoked in about 3 days i was so stoned niggah. my mood status... STONED

scraping the bowls

March 31, 2013 by young_blazer502   Comments (5)

me and my brother were sitting here when my uncle and his girlfriend went to work ok and we was like i wanna get high. he says shit me too so he says lets get the resin out of the bowls and so we did heave you ever had to get the bowls and the bongs just to get high thats when you know we some broke ass stoners. comment on this and tell me about when you had to do something like that BROKESTONERSUNITED talk to ya later late night stoners

Fuck no-weed

March 31, 2013 by young_blazer502   Comments (0)

Dont you hate when you wake up and dont even have a bowl of weed to wake and bake ? Dont that just piss you off and what about when you text someone about fronting a blunt around like 1 and then they dont text back until you just getting ready to go to work that shit pisses me off comment on this blog and there will be more blogs about great ganja and other weed type things... well comment on this blog and tell me the worst day you had tryna get weed but again i just started this blog i would... Read full post