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maybe there's a ghost talking to him through su?

July 25, 2010 by m3rk_   Comments (11)

21:58] dreamgate: get it togethr[21:59] dreamgate: i  dope it forks for ya[22:00] dreamgate: sup[22:00] dreamgate: o knownow[22:00] dreamgate: }}}}E}ye[22:00] dreamgate: ohoh brb[22:01] dreamgate: ill lok him in the eye whilehe.....[22:01] dreamgate: enough][22:02] dreamgate: jurassic Fork xD[22:02] dreamgate: Nic  Welcome[22:03] dreamgate: Block that[22:03] dreamgate: ey so areU [22:04] dreamgate: owl ass urr nknight[22:05] dreamgate: how was your[22:05] dreamgate: he cant[22:05]... Read full post


July 19, 2010 by m3rk_   Comments (2)

19:51] guest-10978 entered the room[19:51] guest-10978 changed nickname to dreamgate[19:52] dreamgate: im circumsized so...my cable 2 sensitive ami gunna press enter or what xD[19:53] dreamgate: ROF'sL[19:54] dreamgate: omg buwho am i laughing at[19:55] dreamgate: ehm not long ago i thought of Maybe doing that 2 my kid 2?[19:55] dreamgate: damn parents xD[19:55] dreamgate: they unhigh :D[19:55] dreamgate: whahahhahaa[19:55] dreamgate: NOW U BE ONE[19:56] dreamgate: lalalalala ^^hey new... Read full post