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lockness escort service

January 18, 2010 by m3rk_   Comments (0)

locky'ness: c'mon, tree fiffy is a pretteh good deallocky'ness: i em de lockness monstaNotaStalker: haha all guys say that


January 16, 2010 by m3rk_   Comments (1)

23:49] elwood changed nickname to god[23:50] god: the perfect woman is allergic to latex[23:55] djslip1: dam[0:12] smokey: who's god lol?[0:14] god: I AM GOD[0:15] guest-29594 entered the room[0:15] guest-29594 changed nickname to yolace[0:20] smokey: lol new here?[0:25] god: I am everywhere[0:25] god changed nickname to elwood[0:25] elwood: and nowhere[0:30] smokey: haha[0:31] smokey: who whas that god guy?[0:31] elwood: man i dont know [0:31] elwood: hes a weirdo [0:31] smokey: yeah[0:31]... Read full post