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os: KEEP CALM Fo0LKS ...and hit that muthafuckin' bong again.! SU4Lyfe Muh Niggas.! We ain't goin' no where fools. SU was just a STONED..!
Posted to the wire 73 days ago via Site.
Posted to the wire 81 days ago via Site.
os: Okay this is a topic of matter on SU & I am open for input from our members, should we or should we not allow hard drug use on SU.? VOTE.!
Posted to the wire 82 days ago via Site.
polaknocrackfree: "I feel like FUCK VERSACE, they RAPING NIKKUHS POCKETS" - Vince Staples.
Posted to the wire 93 days ago via Site.
os: Let's all take a moment to say congrats Anoir. After a good discussion it was decided to promote Anoir to chatroom moderator. Rips to Anoir!
Posted to the wire 106 days ago via Site.
os: Got the old StonerGhost tonight...'BANHAMMER!' That's 1 For SU....r.I.p.
Posted to the wire 109 days ago via Site.
Stonis: tinychat you piece offucking shit 50 captchas later and im still not a fgucking computer omg
Posted to the wire 116 days ago via Site.
os: There are some issues with tinychat and getting into chat. Don't know what's going on with the captcha deal atm all you can do is keep tryin
Posted to the wire 116 days ago via Site.
TheGhostfaceKza: I cannot handle doing that "Select all the images with cars" 50 times and still not getting into the chat room. Why Tinychat, why?
Posted to the wire 117 days ago via Site.
xrayaudio: @GottaPuff its not just our shit i tryed it on tinychat too. lots of rooms are fucked right now. hopefully its fixed soon
Posted to the wire 117 days ago via Site.