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KashedKangaroo: Believe, Love, and don't let your dreams be dreams.
Posted to the wire 157 days ago via Site.
os: KEEP CALM Fo0LKS ...and hit that muthafuckin' bong again.! SU4Lyfe Muh Niggas.! We ain't goin' no where fools. SU was just a STONED..!
Posted to the wire 159 days ago via Site.
Posted to the wire 167 days ago via Site.
os: Okay this is a topic of matter on SU & I am open for input from our members, should we or should we not allow hard drug use on SU.? VOTE.!
Posted to the wire 168 days ago via Site.
polaknocrackfree: "I feel like FUCK VERSACE, they RAPING NIKKUHS POCKETS" - Vince Staples.
Posted to the wire 179 days ago via Site.