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OldSkool: Fire it Up... It's 4:20 Somewhere..!
Posted to the wire 52 days ago via Site.
BobRoss: @Noodleb0y How have you been? Long time no see.
Posted to the wire 55 days ago via Site.
Noodleb0y: Sorry new member for waiting so long to be approved on your account and welcome to stonersunited.com come join us in video chat
Posted to the wire 57 days ago via Site.
Posted to the wire 62 days ago via Site.
Dj SLiP1: OPEN REGISTRATION.........for SU........yeeeeeeeeeeeee
Posted to the wire 64 days ago via Site.
Anoir: Humble request: I think with the how SU been lately, t would be nice to open registration so people don't need to wait to smoke and chat.Thx
Posted to the wire 65 days ago via Site.
OldSkool: Dead wire...!? Where the SU ...?
Posted to the wire 69 days ago via Site.
Grizzly420: @Magenet It Left out SU4L lol :P i had it inside the arrows < >
Posted to the wire 114 days ago via Site.
Grizzly420: --------Magenet--------- Monday, August 03, 2015 - "Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end" Rips+Runescape=Relaxation. \\// ;)
Posted to the wire 114 days ago via Site.