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BobRoss: Hey everyone, just wanted to remind everyone I stream on twitch.tv/thomascerveaux. I'll be doing some more game development this week.
Posted to the wire 20 days ago via Site.
deadhead420: i finally finished the album ive been working on! feel free to download and share! cheers-DH https://soundcloud.com/ginjah94/sets/first-mesa
Posted to the wire 21 days ago via Site.
GottaPuff: my laptops being a cunt and not letting me on SU
Posted to the wire 23 days ago via Site.
OldSkool: Got the first 2 is is peens tonight...pewpew!
Posted to the wire 24 days ago via Site.
Nicloco: Registrations are back open again and chat pw has been removed, new site been worked on /2016/ shoot us a line if you want to help!
Posted to the wire 42 days ago via Site.
norwegianwood: Crazybreed back in SU!! how is everyone?
Posted to the wire 43 days ago via Site.
Blazic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=riU2rCwea1E Whoa, whoa, whoa, yeah! I'm Mr. Reggae Ambassador!
Posted to the wire 45 days ago via Site.
Dj SLiP1: Hash up........Hash down........Hash all around......yeeeeeeeeeee........
Posted to the wire 46 days ago via Site.
Wikkie: *Hoping stoners united is as active as it once was for meeting new people.*
Posted to the wire 47 days ago via Site.
Posted to the wire 52 days ago via Site.