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Hashish Hot Chocolate

January 22, 2010 by Nicloco   Comments (0)

Here is a nice little recipe to keep you baked and toasty on a cold winters night. Marijuana hot chocolate is pretty simple to make although a little more complex than regular hot chocolate.
You will need: - Full fat milk - Saucepan and stove - Options Belgium chocolate! (if not just compromise with standard cocoa and sugar) - A pinch of salt - Full fat cream - 4 Grams of weed - Siv/ straining cloth Making pot hot chocolate: 1. Pour a mug of milk in to the pan with a dollop of cream, a... Read full post

lockness escort service

January 18, 2010 by m3rk_   Comments (0)

locky'ness: c'mon, tree fiffy is a pretteh good deallocky'ness: i em de lockness monstaNotaStalker: haha all guys say that


January 16, 2010 by m3rk_   Comments (1)

23:49] elwood changed nickname to god[23:50] god: the perfect woman is allergic to latex[23:55] djslip1: dam[0:12] smokey: who's god lol?[0:14] god: I AM GOD[0:15] guest-29594 entered the room[0:15] guest-29594 changed nickname to yolace[0:20] smokey: lol new here?[0:25] god: I am everywhere[0:25] god changed nickname to elwood[0:25] elwood: and nowhere[0:30] smokey: haha[0:31] smokey: who whas that god guy?[0:31] elwood: man i dont know [0:31] elwood: hes a weirdo [0:31] smokey: yeah[0:31]... Read full post

Did your mum ever tell you if you keeping eating pizza your gunna become a pizza?

January 3, 2010 by Nicloco   Comments (0)

Did your mum/ dad ever tell you the saying if you keeping eating food x your gunna become a foodx?


Unnecessary 999 (uk's 911) Calls Podcast

January 3, 2010 by Nicloco   Comments (3)

I came accross these todays while surfing the guardians podcasts, i felt it was my dutie to share them with you.

I think this is quite possibly the perfect example of how brilliantly unself aware we the great british public really are,
Click here to listern
After bloging this i decided to see if i could find anymore, i wasnt disapointed, check out these 5 from the bbc website
Click here to listern
Funnily anuff they all seem to be recorded from the north,
My fav has got... Read full post


January 1, 2010 by Nicloco   Comments (0)

This is the snow outside my house from a few days ago,

You have no idea how much i HATE snow.
Am so glad its melted now i can finaly step out doors with out getting wet feet or the urge to kill children.

Happy New Year Stoners

January 1, 2010 by Nicloco   Comments (0)

!Happy New Year Stoners 2010!

Will 2010 piss all over 2009?
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Stoners United And Facebook

December 30, 2009 by Nicloco   Comments (0)

You can now log in to Stoners United using your facebook account,
Check out our new Stoners United facebook page now! click below to become a fan,
If you aready have a Stoners United account you can still connect it to your facebook account from within your stoners united account settings.

Stoners United on Facebook

The Eulogy Of Jewb

December 24, 2009 by m3rk_   Comments (1)

Bearded Creeper 9:33 pm    i can't come back?     sorry     I'm gone. m3rk 9:34 pm    yeah no man you were being too much of a crazy dick to girls     to the* Bearded Creeper 9:34 pm    loser     get the fuck out of here. m3rk 9:34 pm    dude the chicks all crying and shit     wtf did you say to her?Bearded Creeper 9:35 pm    it was lagging... Read full post

The Positive Drug Stories :

December 22, 2009 by m3rk_   Comments (1)

I once tried to make chili on acid, I almost became a vegitarian.
Weed made me appreciate fox news and the reptiles that inhabbit it.
I refer to my cat as a Land-shark.
I once smoked an ant,sort of an awkward bonding experience between me and nature.
I'm now familiar with the metric system.
I've discovered google is the only god that directly answers prayers with adds for popcorn machines.
I learned the craigslist makes me feel better about the amount of useless shit I have.
I've... Read full post