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StonersUnited is introducing Micotran$actions!

April 1, 2015 by m3rk_  

We've decided to move towards a Free-To-Play model. We'll be  rolling out a new exciting program to so you can purchase StonerBucks™, which you can spend on everything from posting on the wire to changing your avatar.
The chat will also be behind a paywall and will follow a pay per minute model along with an additional fee in StonerBucks™ for bong rips.
We hope you're as excited about these changes as us! 


January 9, 2015 by stonergirl21   Comments (2)

fisrt post i really love this site i love chilling in the chat room with everyone doing there thing..... i enjoy getting high around friends but most of them are to busy or dont smoke anymore... im a late bloomer start smoking weed at age 27... i know right. 
we my folks being so stricked with me and only me cuz my sister gets away with anything lol i wasnt able to do a while lot. but im letting it out and just not giving a fuck anymore im so glad i found this site

No way dude! I got accepted!

November 26, 2014 by RastaMon18   Comments (2)

Ha, this is awesome! I'm so happy I got into this groovy website!
I usually only smoke at night, unless I have days off from work, but people should hit me up left and right because I love to talk! Especially when I'm high!

IZ -somewhere over the rainbow

May 5, 2014 by alelijane   Comments (0)

someday, ill wish upon a star wake up where the clouds are far behind me where trouble melts like lemon drops, high above the chiminey top thats where youll find me ..

one love -bob marley

May 5, 2014 by alelijane   Comments (0)

one love one heart lets get together and feel all right ..

the alelijane song

May 4, 2014 by alelijane   Comments (0)

shes the only one i need, my true love is green, i like the way she makes me feel when im feeling lonely, she understands my frustrations and shes always down for anything, oh oh how i love you oh oh you make laugh ooooh oh you give me a good timmmme (;)) -friend me por plz lol