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Latest activity

Nicloco: We are working on a Competition for SU's 5TH Birthday on June 4th! winner gets 1g of bho and some seeds! Reply

will be something along the lines of, take the best video or photo of members telling the world about SU's 5th birthday on june 4th, signs mega phones piss in the snow what ever! to be judged by members june 4th 4.20pm
4 hours ago
4 hours ago

Oldskool™: Even tho sum old members may be returning to SU,the site has come out much stronger, it showed ppl's true colors & who was true to SU & not! Reply

hear hear!
7 hours ago
damn straight!
3 hours ago
11 hours ago

Oldskool™: So far we have 7 yes' to 4 no's on bringing Shmit710 back to SU...Can we get some more votes as the poll will be closing soon. Thanks! Reply

vote now so you cant bitch later.
2 hours ago
13 hours ago

rip.master: SU = #1 Reply

idk my moms pretty neat
18 hours ago
ik ur mom gives awesome handjobs in the theater
13 hours ago
18 hours ago

Nicloco: Just did my first bho run with decent butane (newport) didn't get much but fuck yer it looks n smells good! umm yellow! Reply

thats awesome!!! cant wait to see your slabs (:
21 hours ago


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