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  • June 4th 2014 - Stoners United's 5TH Birthday!
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    m3rk_: Quote of the day "does i taste like milkshakes" -snoopdogg Reply

    7 hours ago

    Stonis: wtf is wrong with chat for days now i havent been able to get on to cam chat Reply

    You been dranking? I saw you this morning foo
    7 days ago
    7 days ago
    7 days ago

    Bob: "You fucking drugger" http://youtu.be/p48-G4KmRXk Reply

    you fucking drugggo you smoke the volcano yu pussy!
    4 days ago
    7 days ago

    ZombieFish55: Too bad YFs can't see this tit fishing spot, maybe if Al's POS phone would load Reply

    tit fishing eh?? pics or it didnt happen.
    12 days ago
    its bc you took als pos cell
    10 days ago
    12 days ago

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